Marijuana Seeds For Sale Online – How to Buy in the United States of America?

Learn the best and safest methods to buy premium feminized, regular, and autoflowering cannabis seeds by reading our exclusive buyer’s guide to purchasing the best marijuana seeds online safely and getting them shipped quickly to every part of the United States.

feminized marijuana seeds regular marijuana seeds autoflowering marijuana seeds
Feminized Marijuana Seeds Regular Marijuana Seeds Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
This popular category of seeds will give you only female plants. We have over 1,500 feminized seed strains from award-winning breeders. For sale as single seeds and up. The standard type of seeds that produce both male and female plants. We’ve got all the strains you love plus some you might not know yet. Larger seed packs at bargain deals. A new variety of seeds that grow autoflowering plants, which ignore light cycles and grow quickly. Our collection includes the bestselling autoflower seeds this year. Hot and in stock.
Top Feminized Seedbanks Top Regular Seedbanks Top Autoflower Seedbanks
Barney’s Farm, Cali Connection, DNA Genetics, Humboldt Seed Co, Solfire Gardens Ace Seeds, Brothers Grimm, Cannarado Genetics, Mosca Seeds, Mr. Nice Seedbank, The Real Seed Co, Dutch Passion, Fast Buds, Gnome Automatics, Mephisto Genetics, Night Owl Seeds, Twenty20 Mendocino
Bestselling Fem Strains Bestselling Reg Strains Bestselling Auto Strains
Amnesia Haze, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Super Skunk, Wedding Cake, White Widow Afghani, Blueberry, Critical Mass, Durban Poison, Golden Tiger, Mazari, Maui Wowie, Panama, Thai AK-47 Auto, Big Bud Auto, Blackberry Kush Auto, Bruce Banner Auto, GG#4 Auto, Sour Crack Auto, White Widow Auto

Reference the table above to see the differences between feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds. You will find our bestselling brands and strain types included – all for sale at affordable prices with fast and discreet delivery to your home in the United States of America.

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Premium cannabis seeds are highly in-demand due to their very high productivity that allows for great profit margin. With the increasing legalization of cannabis for medical use and recreational use, it is clear that the market for cannabis seeds and growing products is getting wider and wider.

The market has evolved from a small minority of farmers and hobbyists to a vast population of large and small scale growers. For everyone involved, there are expectations for higher and better quality cannabis every year. Obtaining good genetics with desirable traits is always the best bet for any grower.

The best cannabis seeds have certain features that allow them to perform very well in many growing conditions. They are usually high in potency or yield and feature great terpene profiles to boot. Most importantly, these seeds have strong germination rates and can be propagated reliably.

As more growers enter the market, there is a growing competition to get the best cannabis seeds and growing products that they can. That’s where we come in.

We are legal cannabis growers and seed collectors who have come together to share our collective experience in sourcing the utmost best cannabis seeds. We post on r/marijuanaseeds, r/macrogrowery and r/microgrowery regularly, so stay high and in touch!

lol seeds marijuana seeds

The number of marijuana seed banks online is indeed large, which makes prioritizing the search for the best marijuana seed banks an important step in successfully purchasing cannabis seeds from a respected seed bank source.

The consumer may read reviews of the respective marijuana seed bank website they intend to purchase cannabis seeds from. Reviews for seed banks can be found many places online, including our Facebook group Cannabis Growing Tips and Tricks.

Learn how to germinate and grow your cannabis seeds:

According to personal accounts in the cannabis community, reports of fraud activity within the cannabis business space has occurred much too often, so be careful online!

Navigating through the internet search pages to find a reliable marijuana seed bank is an important first step in getting the best marijuana seeds for your grow delivered right to your home, especially if you are a United States resident.



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Whatever your desired cannabis seeds are – sativa, indica, High THC, High CBD, specialty, rare and landrace genetics – LOL SEEDS has got you covered.

LOL SEEDS was born in sprit from the people who share, trade, buy and sell marijuana seeds with one another. Inspired by this subculture, a group of friends and growers decided to start the LOL SEEDS cannabis seed bank to distribute exclusive genetics worldwide.

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As a disclaimer and also general fact, we always urge our fellow consumers to reference their local laws and regulations regarding the purchase, import, export and possession of marijuana seeds in their respective area of residence along with the country by which the marijuana seeds are shipped to the United States from.


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